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Parks, animals and tsingy of Madagascar

There are 43 national parks in Madagascar, terrestrial or marin, with their endemic animals. Mangabe Tour drivers and guides will take you to these magnificent places in complete safety.

Terrestrial national parks: the most famous ones

  • Isalo National Park nicknamed the “Malagasy Colorado“. Located on the highlands well south of Madagascar, it is popular with hikers for its arid and rocky landscapes, but also with climbersCustomized hikes and treks,
  • Ranomafana National Park (near Fianarantsoa – South of Antananarivo) with its large lush forest populated by lemurs such as hapalemurs and the smallest of them: the microcebus. It is home to unique butterflies in the world. Hikes and treks are possible and the thermal pool at 38°C is a must,
  • Tsingy de Bemahara National Park (North of Morondava – West coast) with its canyons on the edges sharp as a razor,
  • Andasibe Mantadia National Park (East of Antananarivo) with its primary forest and its orchids, with its lemurs, including the largest in Madagascar, the Indri Indri,
  • Marojejy Massif National Park (Diego Suarez region – North Madagascar) with its steep reliefs and exceptional biodiversity (forests, ferns, palm trees and flowers ) and endemic species (white-fronted lemurs, birds like the blue coua, siketribe) – Customized tours, hikes and treks,
  • Ankarana National Park (North of Madagascar) and its tsingy,
  • And many other parks such as the national parks of Andohahela (South), Ankarafantsika (North-West), The Montagne d’Ambre (North) for the exceptional view, Zombitse-Vohibasia for its birds (South), Masoala (North-East) for its precious woods, …

Madagascar having a larger area than France, Mangabe Tour often offers the North, South, East or West tours of Madagascar stopping in the parks national flags along the tours.

makay national park isaloHiking in Makay - National park of Isalo
Makay (in mountain massif of Isalo – Madagascar)
Madagascar lemur in its tree in Akarafatsika National ParkLemur in Madagascar
Two species of lemurs among more than a hundred species living in national parks

The marine national parks of Madagascar

  • National Park of Nosy Hara (Northern Madagascar – Baie du Courrier). Visit the park in a motorized boat, go snorkeling and admire multitudes of colorful fish in the crystal clear water,
  • Park of Nosy Tanikely (Nosy Be) and its “natural marine aquarium”
  • National Park of Nosy Ve-Androka (South of Madagascar, near Tulear) with its birds and protected marine species.
National Park Island of Nosy Hara - Courrier Bay - MadagascarAn island in the National Park of Nosy Hara - Baie du Courrier - Madagascar
National Marine Park of Nosy Hara (Northern Madagascar) with its regulated fishing

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