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Big game fishing Madagascar

With our Malagasy professional fishermen

Our Mangabe guides take care of you from these regional cities.
We can also welcome you when you get off the plane in Antananarivo 
and organize your transfer (by plane or by road) to these cities.

(*) 7-day session (modifiable duration) - Price per person - Basis: two people.
All inclusive except drinks and personal expenses.
(**)Fishing from Belo: Same basic conditions (*).
Add two extra days for the round trip Morondava - Belo by boat

Practice big game fishing with our Malagasy fishermen (Vezo) on their boats and taste the authenticity of the trip. Whether by boat or outrigger canoe, their boats are motorized.

At daybreak, you go fishing near the coast (Baie du Courrier – North of Madagascar) or offshore, even the open sea (30 km from the coast in Majunga as in Belo on sea). And you return around 2 p.m. for safety reasons (trade winds, swell, waves after 2 p.m.).

trevally fishing with tour operator Mangabe in Madagascar
Boat fishing in Baie du Courrier (Northern Madagascar)
fisherman on his outrigger canoe in madagascar
or by outrigger canoe (Western Madagascar – Majunga, Soalala, Morondava, Belo/mer, …)

Fishing in an outrigger canoe or boat in Madagascar?

This is fishing on the Mozambique Channel (Eastern coast of Madagascar) where the shoals and their “coral potatoes” rub shoulders with drop-offs over 300m. You can practice all the fishing techniques you like: handline, trolling, popper fishing, jigging, surfcasting, …

Our boatmen know the good fishing spots:

  • Either in the old way (color of the water and the sky, direction of the wind and current, triangulation with characteristic points of the coast, ..)
  • Or with the GPS.

Favoring responsible tourism, we do not use sonars:

  • Thus, allowing to get good surprises when fishing (isn’t the pleasure of fishing, among other things, catching your big fish while you don’t expect it?),
  • But above all, avoiding the eventual depletion of marine species due to localized overfishing. Because even in Madagascar, overfishing in all its forms is a risk.
So, let’s only take what is necessary.

We can come back to the same place,
every year to practice our activity, our passion: fishing,

And share our passion with other sport fishermen.
Big fish catched by a popper  in the Mozamique Channel
Fishing an Ignobilis trvally on the slopes of the Mozambique Channel

Three kinds of big game fishing sessions with Mangabe

MANGABE TOUR provides 3 kinds of big game fishing in Madagascar, on the entire West to North coast of Madagascar  (Mozambique Channel):

  • Daily fishing, with comfortable hotel accommodation or in rental villa,
  • Travelling Fishing (bivouac under tent, meal and game of cards or dominoes near the campfire, in the evening, with the Vezos fishermen)
  • And the “fishing + visits” stay: every day, fishing in the morning, visits in the afternoon, restaurant in the evening, …  OR, in the 1st part of your trip: fishing, then visit of part of the island of Madagascar.      

NB: Depending on the type of fishing, meals can be prepared by a cook in the place of residence

Now, the prices, will you tell us? It depends on the number of fishermen, the duration and the type of the trip. Ask us for a personalized quote.


  • Daily and travelling fishing are more suitable for fishing enthusiasts who like exoticism and adventure .
  • And the “fishing + visits” stay is quite relaxing while being varied. It is suitable for fishermen not only wanting to fish during their trip, but also for groups made up of fishermen and non-fishermen (family, friends, etc.).

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