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Madagascar tours

With our Malagasy guides and drivers

MANGABE organizes dedicated tours throughout Madagascar and Nosy Be,
starting from Tananarive(Ivato) or
a regional airport (Majunga, Nosy Be, Diego Suarez, Tulear, Ile Sainte Marie, …).

(*) Price per person – Basis: two people.
All inclusive except lunch and dinner, drinks and personal expenses.

Our circuits of Madagascar (see below) are, of course, modifiable according to your expectations.
Tell us what is your travel project in Madagascar:

  • Do the track in 4WD ?
  • Visit Malagasy national parks ?
  • Bathe in Malagasy turquoise waters ?
  • Hike on the highlands and in the parks ?
  • Big game fishing ?
  • Or a mixture of all of these ?

What is your vacation plan in Madagascar and we will refine it together ?

As any Madagascar tour begins with the choice of means of travel, what is your initial choice:

  • Car or minibus for easy national roads, with family or friends,
  • 4WD on national roads as well as on tracks,
  • Plane for reaching the place of the tour more quickly (Tuléar, Fort-Dauphin, Diego-Suarez, Majunga, Morondava, Ile Sainte-Marie, …),
  • Or Quad for day trips, for example,
  • And even the zebu carts for authenticity in the trip, a meeting with the Malagasy farmers,
  • Or mountain biking for sports enthusiasts.
the zebu cart transport
An all-purpose but somewhat slow means of transport: the zebu cart
Prepare your customized trip to Madagascar with Mangabe, among these tour proposals, perhaps?

The Southern Madagascar tour: the famous RN7 (13 to 15 days)

This tour by car, 4WD or minibus makes you discover:
highlands of Northern Madagascar,
arid regions of the South,
– but also the Eastern coast of the Indian Ocean.
Rice field in Malagasy highlands4WD on Madagascar tracks
Rice fields in the Madagascar highlands and 4WD
  • Bathe in the natural hot water pools and the clear waters of the Indian Ocean ,
  • Visit the national parks of Isalo and Andringitra,
  • Take a short getaway by train on the Eastern coast (Manakara) and discover the Pangalanes Canal ,
  • Go to Tuléar then drive by the sea to Ifaty (beach) ,
  • Then, sail in an outrigger canoe in the blue lagoons of the Southern Madagascar.

NB: Possibility: returning by plane from Tulear to Antananarivo
NB: Another possibility: continuing in 4WD on the technical tracks to Fort-Dauphin (7 additional days).

The Western Madagascar tour, its Tsingy and Tsiribihina (11 days)

It combines:
tracks in 4WD of the Western Madagascar,
– the descent of a large Malagasy river: the Tsiribihina,
– geological curiosities: the Tsingy,
– and the legend around baobabs and Malagasy ancestors.
Track with a 4WD and the trees called ravenalabaobab of Madagascar
Tracks by 4WD in Madagascar with its ravenala (traveller’s trees) and baobabs
  • Visit Antsirabe then, after two days of national road strewn with potholes,
  • Go down the Tsiribihina river to Belo,
  • Discover the Tsingy and the alley of the great baobabs that Malagasy people dream of seeing once in their life,
  • Then beach and swimming in Morondava,
  • And return to Antananarivo by road (or plane according to your choice).

NB: Possibility to continue your trip by joining Tuléar by Morombe on the technical tracks of the seaside
before returning to Antananarivo by plane or by the RN7 (8 to 10 days more)
NB: Another possibility: go down the Manambolo river and visiting the Tsingy of Bemaraha (4 more days).

The Northern Madagascar tour: “the end of the world” (16 days)

It starts towards the North of the island:
– by its technical nationals,
– visiting two national parks
– stopping at two seaside towns and their surroundings:
Majunga and Diego Suarez,
– with swimming by the sea, of course,
– and going to the most northerly place of Madagascar: the Cap d’Ambre with its lighthouse and its winds.
dhow on the mozambique channellemur of Madagascar
Dhow on the Indian Ocean (Mozambique Channel) and lemur
  • Join Majunga to swim there after visiting the Ankarafatsika National Park (lemurs, crocodiles),
  • Visit Cirque Rouge, Sacred Lake and Katsepy lighthouse,
  • Continue North: visit coffee plantations and canoe on the Sambirano River,
  • Admire Ankarana National Park and its endemic wildlife,
  • Swim in Diego Suarez,
  • Sail on the Emerald Sea with waters worthy of those of the Seychelles,
  • Then, return to Antananarivo by plane.

The Eastern Madagascar tour, its lush coast (11 days)

This tour crosses the green forests of Eastern Madagascar
to end at Ile Sainte Marie, a haven of peace and tranquility.

You are in the region:
– and scents of ylang-ylang and patchouli.
4WD for difficult tracks of Madagascar
Muscular 4×4 reserved for the difficult tracks of Madagascar
  • From Antananarivo, head east for Tamatave, visiting Andasibe National Park,
  • Join the Pangalanes Canal (boat tour) then Tamatave,
  • Stop at Foulpointe and its coral bay (swimming and relaxation),
  • Continue to Mahambo, fishing village and pier for Ile Sainte Marie,
  • Join the Ile Sainte Marie by boat,
  • Visit the island, its pirate cemetery and its île aux Nattes,
  • And, at the end, farniente then return to Antananarivo via the boat then the road.

NB: Possibility: continue the trip to Antongil Bay to visit the vanilla and ylang-ylang plantations (4 more days)
NB: Another possibility: return from Ile Sainte Marie to Antananarivo by plane.

The Nosy Be tour, its fine sandy beaches

From your hotel, the outings are done by the day, allowing you to fully enjoy your holidays in Madagascar at your own pace.

Here are the excursions often done by boat:
– islands of Nosikombaand Nosy Tanikely
– island of Nosy  sakatia,
– and the island of Nosy Iranja.

Besides the islands and their beaches, each more beautiful than the next,
there also has the visits:
Ylang ylang distillery,
Lemuria Park,
– and Lokobe Park .

– go around the island of Nosy Be by car,
– relax on Ramena Beach,
– and admire the sunset at Mount Passo.
beach of Nosy Be Madagascar
One of the paradisiacal beaches of Nosy Be (North West of Madagascar)

Avantage: Regular international flights to Nosy Be(Fascene).

NB: Possibility of combining this stay with the visit of the North of Madagascar (Diego Suarez and its national parks)

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