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Videos of Madagascar

Videos of big game fishing, tours and accommodation in Madagascar

Here are some videos of Madagascar including:

  • The tours in Madagascar and Nosy Be,
  • The big game fishing all along the coast West, from Baie du Courrier to Belo / mer,
  • Some accommodation chosen by Mangabe in Madagascar,
  • The national parks of Madagascar and the animals, sometimes fortunately in captivity….

A small overview of what offers Mangabe, Tour operator in Madagascar.

Good visit !

4WD on a laterite track in Madagascar
Lemur maki (video taken near Majunga)
Trolling from a boat in Courrier Bay (North Madagascar)
National park of Nosy Hara
Madagascar crocodile
4WD crossing of a river
Bungalow of a comfortable hotel in Madagascar
Ascent of a big trevally in an 8 m canoe
Customers push their canoe to save time on the tide
Fishing for a king mackerel by a Vezo fisherman
Beautiful blue trevally
Villagers camp available
Request information on the best track to take with a 4WD
Fishing in an 8m outrigger canoe
Chameleon mimicry
Madagascar fast iguana
Weighing of a large white tuna in front of the hotel
Meal between fishermen who have become friends